Bespoke support and training, in person or online

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Outreach, Training & Consultancy

Bespoke specialist teacher services to develop staff knowledge and practice in teaching autistic students. This can take the form of observations, staff coaching, modelling practice, implementing evidence-based strategies, evaluating impact and school-wide projects.

autism teacher training

Coaching and Mentoring

1:1 coaching and specialist advice. This can be in person, online or over the phone. The sessions will focus on personalised themes and outcomes that you are aiming for or want advice on. I support to implement a plan of action with strategies. This can be related to professional development or support for parents and carers.



“In the time that Steph has been working with my school, I have been able to see a sustained improvement in the provision offered. This has been the case in the growing knowledge and skills of the staff she has worked alongside, the physical environment provided for pupils with ASD and the outcomes for those pupils. The excellent provision for pupils with SEND, for which Stephanie’s support was a key element, was also verified by my School Improvement Partner.

Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about her area of specialism, she is adept at communicating her expertise to a wide range of people. Whether supporting staff working one-to-one with ASD pupils, class teachers, senior leaders or parents, Stephanie is able to communicate effectively and efficiently, offering sound advice backed by her own considerable knowledge, experience and current research practices

Jess Hutchison
Head Teacher, Grazebrook Primary School, London
"The outreach and training has enabled my schools to provide accurate support to our ASD pupils as well as started to up skill my staff on key strategies to use to be successful with ASD pupils”
Michelle Thomas
Executive Head Teacher, New Wave Federation Schools, London
 "Each outreach session provides a wealth of ideas and support for the teachers and support staff to immediately employ in their practice. As a result, the children with ASD are supported more effectively. Meetings with the SENCo and senior leaders also increase their knowledge of ASD within a wider school context”
Alexandra Webb
SENCO, Grazebrook & Shacklewell Primary Schools, London
“I feel I know much better how to support a child with ASD. While I understand each child is different, I feel I have discussed and been exposed to a very wide variety of strategies and now have a wide knowledge base to draw on”
Teaching Assistant
Woodberry Down Primary School, London
"I am so happy with… progress in school. I am happy that he is being more independent"
Grazebrook Primary School, London

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