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Autism and Visual Impairment Teacher

Location: Lincolnshire, UK 3 hours per week coaching 2 HLTAs

Position available for a teacher with significant experience with children with level three ASD for at least the next 6 months.

County Council funded position for three hours every week to work with one child, male, aged 13 who is blind, ASD (PDA profile), non-verbal.

Within the three hours each week the role includes coaching on ASD aspects to the two HLTAs working with the child. The HLTAs split the week with both working one day a week to allow for joint training sessions.

The child is educated on an EOTAS basis, 52-week programme, in a purpose built home including library building and sensory grounds.

Pay is on a very competitive hourly rate.
Mileage is potentially included.

When successful progression is shown then the position should continue beyond the six months.

Location is PE20, Lincolnshire, UK.

Role is face to face in situ at the EOTAS.

You will be working as part of successful team already incorporating a QTVI, Sensory OT, Physio, Two HTLAs, SALT, Lincolnshire’s WTT team, Paediatrician, proven expert parents, and SEND managers with case worker.

Please contact: 
Andy McMillan

Posted 26/02/24

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