Supporting Sensory Needs

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All of us process information through our senses very differently.

So in the classroom, we cannot assume that all children will be processing information through their senses in the same way, because they won’t be.

Some individuals can have difficulty organising and making sense of sensory information.

Some individuals may be highly sensitive to sensory input (such as sound, light or textures) causing discomfort, confusion, loss of focus or withdrawal. In these situations, a child may understandably try to avoid certain sensory stimuli.

Some individuals may be under sensitive to sensory input and therefore may appear unresponsive, lacking energy or on the other hand, seek out specific sensory input such as chewing or jumping, to stimulate themselves more.

Sensory needs can impact every aspect of daily life including learning.

If children’s sensory needs are not effectively supported, this can lead to avoidance, withdrawal, inattention and behaviour that is challenging or distressing.

Which is why it’s so important to understand the sensory needs in your class in order to create a conducive and supportive learning environment.

Please take a moment to think about how it would feel to have specific sensory needs and how this would impact your day and learning.

Our 8 Sensory Systems


This is when someone is very sensitive to the sensory stimuli around them and they may try to avoid or cope with certain situations in numerous ways.


This is when someone is underwhelmed or not stimulated by sensory input, meaning they may not react at all or they may seek out sensations elsewhere.

Practical Strategies

– Multi-sensory learning experiences and lessons

– Assess and adapt the Environment

– Individualised sensory supports

– Whole class sensory breaks

– Proactive sensory regulation strategies

– Complete a sensory profile

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