Helping Schools and Families Maximise the Outcomes of Autistic Children

Practical Support and Services

Flexible courses that you can do in your own time, with bitesize videos and activities and resources that will equip you with practical strategies to effectively support children with diverse abilities and needs

Bespoke support and staff development, to upskill and build capacity in schools and services, having a direct impact on positive outcomes for children

Tailored, interactive training workshops to develop knowledge and practical skills related to supporting autistic individuals or those with neurodiverse abilities and needs

Personalised, one to one consultation or coaching, online or in person. Develop your knowledge, problem solve and get support to implement strategies related to supporting children’s individual needs

Learn how to help autistic children THRIVE

Explore our range of online courses that are upskilling schools, parents and professionals with practical, child-centered methods of support, that really make an impact.


Teaching Autistic Children With Impact

8 short courses full of practical skills and strategies that teachers can use with their class team to support the learning of autistic children and those with communication difficulties.


Practical Skills In Supporting Autistic Children

7 short courses full of practical strategies to support the learning, communication, behaviour and emotional regulation of autistic children and young people.

Nurturing Your Autistic Child

6 short courses full of practical and helpful ways to support your child's learning, communication and development, to maximise their potential.

The things we do, have a big impact on children's learning, communication, behaviour and wellbeing

It is therefore extremely important that the team around a child or young person, feels confident and knowledgeable in how best to support them.

Steph Reed autism specialist teacher consultant

Hi I’m Steph Reed, an Autism Specialist Teacher and Consultant.
Following 12 years of teaching many incredible autistic young people, I developed and led a School Autism Outreach Service, and have also led on practice and staff development in roles including SENCo, Inclusion Leader and as a visiting international Autism Education Consultant. 

I now provide outreach, training and consultancy with practical support to schools, services and families using personalised, child-centered and evidence-based approaches. 

I also have personal experience of neurodiverse learning and with success!

I am here to support you in feeling confident and skilled in meeting diverse needs and ensuring children are reaching their potential.

evidence-based Expertise


Holistic and child-centered

personal neurodivergent experience

Focused on long term impact

What Head Teachers and SENCO's say...

Testimonials from schools I have supported in person

“The outreach and training has enabled my schools to provide accurate support to our ASD pupils as well as started to up skill my staff on key strategies to use to be successful with ASD pupils”

Michelle Thomas


“In the time that Steph has been working with my school, I have been able to see a sustained improvement in the provision offered. This has been the case in the growing knowledge and skills of the staff she has worked alongside, the physical environment provided for pupils with ASD and the outcomes for those pupils”

Jess Hutchison


“Each session provides a wealth of ideas and support for the teachers and support staff to immediately employ in their practice. As a result, the children with ASD are supported more effectively. Meetings with the SENCo and senior leaders also increase their knowledge of ASD within a wider school context”

Alexandra Webb


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Information and resources to support the learning of autistic and neurodiverse children

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