Upskill in supporting the learning and development of autistic children

Learn practical strategies to maximise the outcomes of children with communication needs

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Proactively support and minimise distress that can result in 'meltdowns', 'tantrums' and behaviour that challenges

With knowledge, confidently talk to professionals and advocate for the children in your care

Course Bundles

8 accessible anytime, practical training courses for educators who are teaching autistic children with complex needs (age 2+).

6 access anytime courses empowering parents and carers with practical strategies to help you maximise your child’s potential.

Short Courses

autism and practical support online course

Autism and Neurodiversity
13 videos/ 1.5 hours

Broaden your knowledge about autism, neurodiversity and practical ways to support in the key areas of communication, understanding and sensory processing.

inclusive teaching strategies online training course

Inclusive Teaching Strategies
22 videos/ 2 hours

Learn practical teaching approaches and support strategies that will enhance the learning of neurodivergent and neurotypical children and young people.

help my communication online training course

Help My Communication
22 videos/ 2 hours

Explore early communication development and how to help children express their needs and wants. You will learn hands-on ways to develop children’s attention, functional communication and vocabulary.

help my social relationships online training course

Help My Social Relationships
12 videos/ 1.5 hours

Learn practical strategies to develop early play and social interaction skills. Gain a ‘tool box’ of things you can do to enhance children’s play, turn taking and interaction.

help my emotional regulation online training course

Help My Emotional Regulation
13 videos/ 1.5 hours

Learn why a child may be behaving in a specific way and how to help them identify and respond to their emotions in a way that is helpful to them (rather than escalating to challenging behaviour).

help my sensory processing online training course

Help My Sensory Processing
17 videos/ 1.5.hours

Learn about different sensory needs and the 8 sensory systems. Get equipped with practical ways that you can support sensory regulation and have the confidence to implement these strategies straight away.

help my transitions online training course

Help My Transitions
12 videos/ 1.5 hours

Get an insight into autistic thinking and why transitions can be particularly distressing. Learn a range of evidence-based strategies to help children’s transition smoothly, that reduce anxiety and ‘meltdowns’.

leading a team in the classroom online training course

Leading a Team in the Classroom
9 videos/ 1.5 hours

Learn inspiring ways to deploy support assistants and enhance the practice of your team. You will learn strategies to build a stable support network around you and enhance the value in which a class team brings to the children, teaching and learning.

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Autism for Teachers testimonial
Autism for Teachers testimonial
Autism for Teachers testimonial
Autism for Teachers testimonial
Autism for Teachers testimonial

Joni Fury

Teacher in a specialist provision


Parent and Teacher

Hi, I'm Steph Reed, Your Teacher!

l am an independent Autism Specialist Teacher and School Consultant, working with various schools and services in London and internationally.

Over the past 15 years, I have taught many autistic children and young people, with a wide variety of abilities and complex needs, and I have previously held leadership roles including SENCo, Inclusion Leader and School Autism Outreach Leader.

In recent years, I have upskilled hundreds of adults including parents, teachers, SENCO’s and support assistants, with practical skills and knowledge, helping to maximise children’s potential.

I have collated all of the most helpful and valuable information and resources in my course packages Autism for Teachers and Autism for Parents‘.

Steph Reed Autism Spectrum Teacher

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