Autism and SEND
Online Training Courses

Access-anytime training courses to build your practical knowledge and skills, so you can maximise the outcomes of autistic or neurodivergent children and young people

Holistic Course Packages

Tailored to build your knowledge, skills and confidence in meeting the holistic needs of autistic children and young people

Autism for Teachers

Autism for Teachers

✔ 8 training workshops
✔ bitesize videos
✔ downloadable course materials
✔ downloadable resources such as visual supports and editable documents
✔ 1 year access
✔ certificate
✔ 30 day money back guarantee

Autism for Parents

Autism for Parents

✔ 6 training workshops
✔ bitesize videos
✔ downloadable course materials
✔ downloadable resources such as visual aids and editable social stories
✔ 1 year access
✔ certificate
✔ 30 day money back guarantee

Individual Workshops

autism and practical support online course

Autism and Practical Support

Broaden knowledge about autism, neurodiversity and how you can help and support in the key areas of communication, understanding and sensory processing.

inclusive teaching strategies online course

Inclusive Teaching Strategies

Learn practical strategies and teaching approaches that will not just enhance the learning of autistic children, but all children with a range of abilities and needs.

help me communicate autism online course

Help My Communication

Practical strategies to help autistic children or those with communication delays develop attention, focus, functional communication and increase vocabulary.

help support my sensory processing autism online course

Help My Sensory Processing

Gain understanding of sensory needs and the 8 sensory systems. Get equipped with practical ways to support sensory regulation throughout the day.

Autism Spectrum Teacher

Help My Emotional Regulation

Understand behaviour and proactive ways to prevent behaviour that is challenging. Learn how to help children identify and regulate their emotions.

help me understand transitions autism online course

Help My Transitions

Get an insight into autistic thinking and why transitions can be stressful. Learn a range of strategies to help children transition between activities or big changes, calmly and prepared.

help my social interaction online course autism

Help My Social Interaction

Learn practical ways to develop early play and social interaction skills. Gain a 'tool box' of things you can do to enhance children's play, turn taking and relationships.

leading a team of teaching assistants SEND online course

Leading a Team in the Classroom

Practical strategies to lead an effective team and maximise the impact of Teaching Assistants on children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

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Frequently Asked Questions

The courses can be completed at any time convenient to you with bitesize videos, downloadable resources, interactive chat and reflection tasks.

Anyone teaching, supporting or caring for autistic children and young people. 

This includes teachers, support assistants, SENCO’s, children’s professionals, playworkers, parents, carers and family members.

The courses will be taught through a series of bitesize videos, downloadable resources and reflection tasks, that you will have access to via a login and password. You can complete the courses at your own pace and you will receive a certificate after completion of each course.

There is approximately 12 hours of content in Autism for Teachers and 10 hours of content in Autism for Parents. This can be completed at your pace.

You can access the content whenever you want over a 1 year period!

Yes! You can purchase a group training licence to share the content, which also comes with certificates for multiple people. Please email admin@autismspectrumteacher.com for all group training orders.

Yes! Please email admin@autismspectrumteacher.com and speak to us about a site licence.

We are available to offer you support at any time during the course, just an email or phone call away!

The courses are designed to give you valuable information and skills, however, if you are not 100% satisfied with the course and let us know within 30 days of purchasing, you will receive a full refund.

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