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Autism, Neurodiversity and Me
Autism, Neurodiversity and Me
Steph Reed

Exploring autism and neurodiversity in the context of education, with Autism Specialist Teacher, Steph Reed. With a clear passion for improving the outcomes of autistic and neurodivergent individuals, join Steph and guests on a journey of sharing practical information and advice related to autism and education, whilst also exploring her own neurodivergence.

FREE training

As a passionate educator, my aim is to use my autism and SEND experience to empower other teachers.

 I therefore want to offer a free training webinar for teachers and education professionals who want to:

Autism for Teachers Free Training

Identify strategies that promote learning, communication and regulation (and in turn, prevent distress that can escalate to behaviour that challenges)

  Use meaningful visual supports that make a difference

  Help your team by consistent in using effective proactive support strategies


Steph Reed Autism Spectrum Teacher

Hi, I'm Steph Reed


Using my teaching, training and personal experience, I am here to empower educators, parents and carers with knowledge and strategies, to help YOU support the learning of autistic and neurodivergent children, valuing their authentic selves to ensure they thrive and achieve their potential.

I am neurodivergent and was not enabled to reach my potential during my educational journey, and this partly fuels my passion and drive for upskilling those who educate and support autistic and neurodivergent children and young people.

On this website you will find lots of free resources, podcast episodes, blog posts and training opportunities! Enjoy exploring!

FREE inclusive teaching strategies guide

With lots of practical ways to support the learning of all children, not just autistic or neurodivergent learners!

Autism for Teachers

Training Programme

Autism for Teachers

The practical online course upskilling teachers and teaching assistants to confidently support autistic children’s learning, communication, regulation and achievement

With access-anytime, bitesize training videos, downloadable teaching resources and interactive forums.

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Information and resources to support the learning of autistic children and young people.

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