#11 Ideas to help children through the current COVID-19 crisis autism spectrum teacher podcast

Podcast #11 Ideas to help children at home during the COVID-19 crisis

Bonus episode: This is a live recording from a ‘Facebook Live’ I hosted this week. It took place in a group aimed at general support through the Covid-19 Crisis, in the island of Jersey, where I am from.
I took this opportunity to talk to parents and carers about potential strategies that could be helpful for families with children with special needs, when spending all day at home.

10 learning through technology steph reed

Podcast #10 Learning through technology with Zafer Elcik Co-Founder of Otsimo

Zafer Elcik, founder of the Otsimo educational apps joins Steph Reed to discuss how he originally built the apps to help teach his brother. Zafer works alongside educators, speech and language therapists and families to develop educational games aimed at learning different concepts, as well as a free open source AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) tool in Turkish and English.

6 anxiety in autism steph reed

Podcast #6 Anxiety in autism with Jane Crawford and Helen Cottell

Jane Crawford and Helen Cottell from the West Sussex County Council Autism and Social Communication Team discuss the information in the ‘Evidence Based Guide to Anxiety in Autism’ put together with Sebastian Gaigg from the Autism Research Group at City University of London. Themes covered include how anxiety presents differently in autism, the potential causes of anxiety and practical strategies to help and support.