Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Steph Reed

Me and my team of wonderful teaching assistants decided on the following important strategies for all of the team to follow in the classroom. The strategies are also essential for new people entering the classroom to know and understand. These strategies are therefore visible on the wall as you enter the classroom:

Classroom Strategies

sand timer

Ensure transactional supports are in place to support the pupils at all times

Show sand timers and count down from 5 when an activity is finishing, refer pupils to their visual timetables (using the prompt "what's next?" if necessary), use first and then boards, visuals (pictures, photos, symbols, objects).

verbal language

Reduce verbal language, ensuring key words are modelled verbally and with sign

This is in order to ensure language is understood and also learnt. Further support key words with Makaton signs and visuals. Encourage communication in class and throughout the school with speech, sign, symbols and visuals.

time to process

Give pupils time to process information

This should be up to 10 seconds before repeating the instruction if necessary.


Remain calm and completely reduce verbal language when challenging behaviour occurs. Follow Behaviour Support Plans

Ensure the triggers and behaviour are logged in the ABC charts in the Behaviour Support Plan folder.

model first

Always model/ show a pupil how to do something first before asking them or expecting them to do it


Address the pupils by their name first

This is to ensure the pupils have your attention.

time keeping

Ensure you have excellent time keeping

This will ensure the class runs smoothly and the pupils are not waiting.


Prompt the pupil to have a break if they show signs of dysregulation (e.g. they seem over stimulated or are getting frustrated) in order to regulate their emotions before returning to class.

Online Training Courses

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