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Role play shopping game

Roleplay shopping can be a really fun way of learning about coins as well as practising counting, all with the inclusion of motivating toys and items!

    role play shopping asd teacher

    Items Needed:

    • Firstly, find some toys or items that the child will be really motivated by, anything from bubbles, to cars, to balls to their favourite snack item.
    • Label them with a price, an amount that the child can count to.
    • Make some coin visual supports to help the child learn the coins and how much they amount to. Visual supports can be removed once the child has learnt the coin. They will last longer if they are laminated, but this is not essential.
    coin visual supports autism early years
    Coin visual supports 2 autismspectrumteacher.com

    4. Find some coins and put them in a little purse, wallet or money box.

    5. A toy till can always be fun but not essential


    The Game:

    Place the items in view, the child can choose an item by their preferred means of communication; saying the items name, forming a symbol sentence, signing or choosing a symbol/ photo.

    Adult to then show how much money the item costs via the label on the item.

    Child to use the visual support to help find the correct coins. Support the child to count if necessary. Gradually reduce the support, encouraging the child to count as independently as possible.

    The child can then give the adult the coins in exchange for the chosen item.

    Have fun!

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