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My most used transition resource - sand timers!

sand timer autism spectrum teacher

I cannot stress enough how valuable sand timers are for children with autism and teachers, parents and any one else working with children with autism.

Sand timers clearly provide a visual aid and count down to the end of an activity and can be used in daily routines and during lessons. Sand timers can be used in any setting including at home.

They can also help children to develop an understanding of time. I always use a sand timer to show when an activity or lesson is coming to an end followed with a verbal countdown from 5.


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Maddie · November 20, 2014 at 9:11 pm

This semester was the first time that I’ve seen such large sand timers and I love them already. I’ve only seen them being used in a first grade general education classroom a few times so far and all things considered, they seemed work really well. It makes me feel even better to hear good feedback from you too so thanks for sharing!

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