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Using Widget symbols to support teaching

I recently wrote an article for Widgit, all about ‘Using symbols to support ASD Teaching‘.

Widgit is a symbol set containing more than 17,000 symbols. Widgit symbols are clear, simple, colourful and display a single concept in a concise way, aimed to be understood by all abilities.

Widgit symbols asd teacher

For me as a teacher for children with autism, I use symbols continuously to support my communication and teaching, throughout the whole day.

Symbols help to provide the children with understanding of the learning topic, preparation of what will take place in the lesson, provide a means of communication or language support, as well as enhance independence through the use of symbol instructions and resources.

I talk about this in a lot more detail, in the article on the Widgit website: Using Symbols to Support ASD Teaching.

Further information about Widgit and Widgit products can be found at: Widgit

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Natile · October 14, 2018 at 6:10 pm

I want to try and see what symbols you have and visual timetables for autism people to help them to learn to do stuff because he can’t talk because I’m learning to show him to yous a pecs book

Steph Reed · October 15, 2018 at 4:48 pm

Hi Natile.
I do not have any symbols however I have written blog posts about ow to use visuals. Here are some blog posts: how to set up a
choice board: https://autismspectrumteacher.com/picturechoiceboard/ visuals to help structure activities and tasks https://autismspectrumteacher.com/teaching-resources-for-children-with-autism/ free visual websites: https://autismspectrumteacher.com/free-symbol-resources/
Hope this helps!

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